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Brian York is a professional retoucher based in Chicago working with internationally recognized photographers and agency creatives. Brian brings creative value and photographic know how to agencies and photographers alike offering expert level photo editing along with technical and creative consulting on projects. Brian’s end goal is simple; to deliver a complete and stunning “knock your socks off” image whether it’s for a prestigious national advertising campaign, a creative local campaign or a photographer’s personal work. Please take a look at our portfolio section; if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

I push and strive to make every project the best piece that I have worked on yet, this keeps me focused and ready for each new challenge. Somewhere deep is that little idea, change or thing that makes the image better than great and I want to figure that out and make an amazing image!

Recent Work

Lord’s Day Off – Taylor Castle
Loading Goose Island IPA Truck / VSA Partners
The Field Museum #SeeYourSelfieHere Print Campaign
Taylor Castle – Personal Work
Antarctic Explorers
Redd’s Apple Ale


"Brian York is one of the most creative individuals I know. I have worked with him on several projects over the past 2 years. I am constantly impressed by Brian's work. He can literally make something out of nothing. Additionally, he is an amazing collaborator and should be brought in early for most projects. He understands how photographers and creative directors think and knows how to bring great ideas to a project that tighten up any potential loose ends. I look forward to any project that allows me the privilege of working with Brian."
-Matthew Bowie, Photographer, 2014

"I've worked with Brian a couple of times, and look forward to the next project I can bring him in on. Brian saved me. As a Creative Director on a very limited budget he helped me prep our shoot, threw out ideas for ways to be successful, as well as stood by during the shoot to weigh in on composition and the ability to compost images in post production. Our project turned out better than either I or the client had hoped it could. All on time, on budget, and the whole process was fun. Brian's a retouching master, but it's the rest of the stuff that makes all the difference. I really look forward to working with Brian again soon."
-Mark, CD at Owen Jones and Partners, 2011

"It was a pleasure working with Brian. In discussing ideas for my holiday promo, he was very insightful in helping me make it a success. He has a great eye for detail. I will definitely use him in the future."
-Art Carrillo, Photographer, 2011

"I've been working with Brian this past year. His skills, consistency, turn around time and overall attitude towards a project is what keeps me coming back. He knows that collaboration in retouching is key. He listens intently and suggests ideas to help bring out the vision of the project thus bringing it to a higher level."
-Ed McCulloch, Photographer, 2010

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