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Work placed in recent photo contests

Two pieces I have recently worked on have been selected for awards / publications. First is an image I worked on with Scott Bell that he entered in Digital Photo Pro’s 2nd Annual Ultimate Creativity contest. It landed Grand Prize! The before and after can be seen in my portfolio click here. The image is…

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200 megapixel file: Just the right size

The wonderful aspect about compositing is how it is possible to create files of astronomical size. However this is not without a little bit of prior planing on the photography end of things, but that is the case with all compositing. An image I am currently working on is an astonishing 200 megapixel for the…

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Creation of an Image with Saverio

Recently Saverio Truglia and I worked together on a series of images for Steppenwolf Theatre Company. Check out Saverio’s blog post on the making of one of the images. Saverio goes into detail regarding creative decisions to help match the play with the image as well as some of the original individual images used to…

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