About Brian York

Beginning early in life as a creative kid who did not want to be a baseball player, Brian York aspired first to be an architect and then a painter. When he discovered his passion for photography, Brian spent hours slaving in the darkroom to create the perfect print. He eventually found his niche, allowing him to combine his personal and professional interests and work in the ever exciting advertising industry with unique and talented creatives.

Today Brian York works with internationally recognized photographers and agency creatives to transform their vision into a perfectly crafted finished image. With dozens of national campaigns and countless other projects completed, he not only has the expertise to see any project through from start to finish, but also to make it stand apart from others. Brian is a creative and technical problem solver and an involved part of the creative team from beginning to end. He is able to draw upon his technical knowledge of photography and up and coming trends in photography and advertising to help develop creative and realistic imagery.

I push and strive to make every project the best piece that I have worked on yet, this keeps me focused and ready for each new challenge. Somewhere deep is that little idea, change or thing that makes the image better than great and I want to figure that out and make an amazing image!

Brian starts every morning enjoying a cup or two of Metropolis coffee and when not working, he can be seen regularly cycling to Highland Park on his Cannondale Caad 9 road bike or making pizza at home for family and friends.

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