Campaign work

Utah Mighty 5 Ad

Utah has some of the most beautiful natural landscapes that exist. For that reason it’s always exciting to have the opportunity to work on projects for Utah’s Tourism department creating some unique imagery. In January, I was contact by Philip from Struck and he asked me to work on creating this really awesome composite image…

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The Legendary Peter Frampton Guitar

Earlier this summer I worked on a project for the Cincinnati Ballet with Photographer Jonathan Robert Willis & Northlich’s Art Director Brian Nelson. We created some pretty cool posters for their up coming season. What I never expected when we started the job was to get high-res images of Peter Frampton’s guitar that was thought…

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Utah Life Elevated campaign

Earlier this year Ed McCulloch and I worked on on a campaign with Philip at StruckAxiom for the Utah Office of Tourism ad campaign. Below are the two images from this campaign. The backgrounds for the second images were taken from UOT’s stock library, all other images were shot by Ed.

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