Jumping Asian Carp for Taylor Castle

Jumping Asian Carp for Taylor Castle

Taylor Castle Jumping Fish Asian Carp
This image was created as a portfolio piece for photographer Taylor Castle. A few hundred images were captured over all of each individual part of the scene, talent, fish and water. I worked at the shoot to ensure everything was captured to create a seamless perfect image. After the shoot Taylor made selects of the room and talent and left me to figure out the rest. Once finished after some 30+ hours of retouching I used 31 images and 127 Photoshop layers to assemble the image into a final composite. Lastly I created the fine droplets of water in Photoshop to create a more explosive feel to the jump and applied a final treatment to the image.

If you haven’t heard about the Asian Carp problem, an invasive species in Illinois and many parts of North America, you should look it up on Google. On the surface it seems comical but it is a serious issue and danger in the waters. This conceptual photograph captures much of that feeling.


Building the Image


Image Credits
Photographer: Taylor Castle
Production Designer: Angela Finney
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