Lord’s Day Off – Taylor Castle

Lord’s Day Off – Taylor Castle




Work is hard sometimes and exhausting when you are literally in charge of everything. We can all relate to a point but with the heavens at your disposal for relaxation this piece was concepted by photographer Taylor Castle to be a humorous and light hearted take on what might the Lord’s day off look like.

The image was made up of a super-secret photography technique to make cloud like props or various size and shapes photographed. Through retouching the photographed cloud parts were merged together to create the chair along with some Photoshop magic to make them feel a bit more real and cloud like. The sky was built from multiple images and enhanced giving the feel of that perfect spot to get away from it all. Then finally the talent was added to the cushy cloud recliner ready to watch his favorite shows and complete the whole image.

Sad that all we have on earth is a nice camp chair by a high mountain lake that can compare.

Image Credits
Photographer: Taylor Castle
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